CARRYBOY® is a global brand name in auto accessories that is accepted in most parts of the world especially in Europe, Australia and Asia.

Here in the Philippines, our foundations are strong. With a large nationwide network, we have been engaged in the delivery of auto ingenuity all over the country. We are Carryboy Philippines, Inc.—exclusive distributor of Carryboy accessories in the country.

Since our inception, we have consistently and continuously carried out our mission of providing fashionable and functional accessories for pick-up trucks, cars, SUVs, and AUVs. With a reputation built with quality and excellence over the years came trust, as we were singled out as one of the major suppliers and assemblers of OEM-car accessories in the Philippines, as well as aftermarket requirements for most of the biggest car dealers, manufacturers, car accessories makers and auto retail shops.

Pioneering stylish and trend-setting canopies, rollbars, roller-lids, superlids, to serve as pick-up bed covers, innovating with quality front and read nudge guards, fender flares and body claddings which serve as pick-up protection, we built and manufactured with both form and function in mind—all durable and long lasting. All engineered to ensure our products deliver the utmost value for our patron’s money.

Committed to constant innovation, we continuously broaden and expand the people we serve, as we expand our product lines into rear body development such as ambulances, ATMs, minibuses, and luxury mobile homes to address the fast changing needs and lifestyles.

Carryboy Philippines Inc., in close partnership with Carryboy Thailand, promises even more product innovations and development to further the auto accessories industry – carrying and delivering form and function, meeting the changing demands of Filipino auto enthusiasts. This, on top of our commitment to provide excellent product and after sales services, make Carryboy Philippines, Inc.

"It takes auto enthusiasts to understand auto enthusiasts."

“Who says pick-up trucks can’t be styled?” This is and always has been the belief of the men and women at Carryboy Philippines. Who with a collective passion, commitment and vision have time and again turned their belief into international success.

It all started with Gatorcab™ pick-up bedcovers, headlining its list of products. With tenacity and perseverance, they were able to steer themselves to be awarded the No. 1 dealer by Carryboy Thailand, besting 100 other countries globally.

4 flagship stores and hundreds of dealerships later, Carryboy Philippines, Inc. has grown and diversified its product lines, serving the needs of auto enthusiasts all over the country. Today, the Carryboy Philippines Team is comprised of visionaries, engineers, design experts, marketers, distributors and partners, working together to provide the best auto accessories in Asia and the world.