Series S7 Canopy


Carryboy Canopies are products of world-class engineering and design. Made of five layers of fiberglass construction, you enjoy long durability and reliable toughness. Painted with four coating layers for a stylish smooth body-matched paint finish to match the pick-up trucks of today.

  • Fiberglass one piece shell added strength and individually designed for each type of vehicle (Made from high quality FRP Material)
  • Pop-out side windows safety tempered glass absolutely automobile grade with clip lock inside.
  • Rotary lock system - Rear door lock & key automotive quality keys to provide a secure locking mechanism (L/H)
  • 3rd Brake LED light for soft and bright look
  • Hinge new stainless steal rear door hinge
  • Interior PVC  Headlining or gray carpet overhead
  • Rear glass door - defogger electrically conductive
  • Rear door operates via gas struts to assist in opening and closing
  • Roof rails with 60kg load capacity.
  • Rear Pillar Light functions as both park & brake lights