SO56 Hardtop

Side Opening & Side Sliding

The SO56 Combine one sliding window and one lift-up to perfectly suit your requirements on both sides. The SO56 model to suite any of your skilled craftsman’s needs. The perfect fit.


Inner and Outer Balance.

The SO56 is different from the other hardtops in the luxury range as it offers side access.

Standard Features include : —
  • Custom-fit premium hardtop design.
  • One-piece construction.
  • Complete interior grey carpet.
  • Locking system in stainless steel.
  • Tinted side glass windows.
  • Roof rails with 60kg load capacity.
  • Installation by use of clamps, no drilling required, no permanent changes to original vehicle.
  • Outer surface flat and glossy, material and surface allows easy painting in body colour (if required)
Features and Benefits :
  • High quality engineered material is mould the inner and outer shells for high impact resistance.
  • Fiberglass inner and outer shells provide an extremely light weight free of metal frame which is prone to trust.
  • Light weight, solid, strong and rust-free throughout its lifetime.
  • Fiberglass with high specific strength. Perfect water-proof.
  • Weather-resistant design m


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SO56 Hardtop